SMART Repairs

We can repair all scratches, dints and scuffs ensuring your vehicle is as new. Our SMART repair vehicles carry specialist paint mixing schemes to ensure an excellent paint matching service and we use only the best materials available throughout the repair process.

We are fully mobile and can complete the repairs at a place of your choosing, provided we have access to an electrical supply and a sufficient area to park alongside the damaged vehicle.

Previously, there was little incentive for vehicle paint repair, thanks in part to the inconvenience of using traditional costly bodyshop repair outlets. But the good news is that with Budget Mobile Bodyshop, there is now no excuse to leave those car scratches unattended.

Typically, a vehicle scratch repair will take just a few hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional bodyshop. During the process, colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer’s original code specification.

Therefore, instead of an expensive paint repair across a whole panel, our Smart repair professionals only need to paint the damaged area.

So whether you need one single vehicle scratch removal, or multiple scuffs repaired and removed, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your vehicle paintwork to pristine condition.

Our process starts with the damaged area being thoroughly cleaned. This allows our technician to determine the true extent of the damage and fully identify the area of repair.

The damaged area is then masked off to protect the surrounding undamaged paintwork, before preparing the damaged area and removing the scratches ready for repainting. If the area is dented then a decision is made as to whether the dent is pulled out and refinished or just refinished on a less severe dent. The preparation process is then repeated with increasingly finer grades of detailing until the area is ready for paint.

Prior to painting the area is re-cleaned. The paint match is achieved using a combination of the manufactures paint code, professional tinting and the latest technology of Cromavision spectrophotometer to ensure the correct variant of the colour is used.

There are many variations of the same paint colour that have the same manufacturer code!

Once painted our high gloss lacquer ensures a top quality finish. Infrared lights are then used to ensure the curing process is completed before a final machine polish provides a showroom finish.