How quickly can I get an estimate of the cost?

We provide an estimate within 24 hours of the enquiry. This comes to you via email with a link to the official estimate clearly detailing the extent of proposed work and the cost.

How do I go about getting an estimate?

We can provide an estimate using either of the below options.

  1. You can send photographs of the damage
  2. An arranged visit from an estimator within 24hours of the enquiry
How quickly can jobs be completed?

Typically jobs are completed on the day that they are started. For the larger jobs, regardless of whether they are done at a customers site or at our Bodyshop, they are started the day we get access to the vehicle and work continues until the job is complete. This ensures the fastest possible turn around time and ensures minimal VOR time for our customers.

How quickly can I have my vehicle back?

As soon as the job is completed. For repairs completed at the Bodyshop we can deliver back to a site of your choosing or arrange a convenient time for collection. 

Can I use my vehicle straight away after the repair is completed?

Yes. Regardless of where we complete the repairs we ensure the paint/laquer is cured and the vehicle is ready for immediate use.

Do your mobile technicians need anything from us when they turn up on site?

The technicians will arrive with all the parts, equipment and tools they need. The only requirement is access to a plug socket to provide power. If a covered work area is available then great, however all vans carry large gazebos that can cover most vans.


The cost varies dependant on the damage; however we are always priced competitively and believe our customer service, speed and quality set us apart from more traditional bodyshops.

When and how can I make payment for a repair?

1) Payment is made upon completion of the repair by bank transfer.

2) 30 days credit is available for our account holders. Payments are made by bank transfer.

Are there any conditions in which you can’t do a mobile repair?

No, unless there isn’t access to power! Over the years we have completed repairs in torrential rain and the occasional snow storm!

Do you offer a guarantee?

All our work is guaranteed and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our repairs and our finished product.