Commercial Panel Painting

Our panel painting service is another effective way of reducing VOR times. The new panels can be delivered direct to us from your parts supplier, or if preferred, we can pick up the panels from customers sites. We offer a guaranteed 48hour turnaround on painting individual or batches of panels. In a lot of cases the panels will be delivered back to our customers within 24hours. In addition we also offer a panel fitting service.

As well as painting new panels we pride ourselves on repairing damaged panels. We have a wealth of experience in fibreglass and carbon fibre repairs which enables us to repair all brands of HGV panels, from steps to cab deflectors. The vast majority of damaged panels are repairable! 

Repair and retexture of a Mercedes Actros lower centre panel

Repair and paint of damaged OS front bumper corner of a Mercedes Actros

Repair and colour change for a Mercedes Actros OS lower step

Prep and paint factory primed front panel of a Mercedes Actros

Repair and colour change for a DAF bonnet panel

Repair and retexture for a MAN NS lower step

Colour match and paint for a Mercedes Sprinter bonnet.

Repair and retexture for an OS Mercedes Actros lower door