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Alloy Wheel Repair

Ranging from small curb scuffs to more significant curb damage our alloy wheel technicians will be able to restore your alloys to their former glory. Dependant on the extent and type of damage we will either use our Spot Repair technique or our Wheel Removed process.

Spot Repair - For small areas of damage on alloy wheels we will repair the wheel without removing it from the vehicle. We repair the damage using specialist equipment and repaint the affected area and lacquer to seal the repaired area fully.

Wheel Removed - This type of repair is used for wheels that have significant cosmetic damage including severe curbing. We remove the wheel/s, release the tyre from the face of the wheel using our specialist equipment and restore the wheel to its natural shape, before using the highest quality paint and a liquid gloss lacquer to provide a showroom finish. This method is also used for carrying out colour changes.

Please Note: We don’t repair wheels that have structural damage, for example wheels with cracks or flat spots.

Alloy Wheel Repair Gallery